$50.00 - Single Song
(1-12 Tracks)
$70.00 - Single Song
(13- 24 Tracks)
$90.00 - Single Song
(25-48 Tracks)
$110.00 - Single Song
(49-150 Tracks)
$225.00 - EP  (5-7 Songs)
(Unlimited Tracks)
(7+ Songs - $35.00 for each additional Song)


$150.00 - Single Song
(Unlimited Tracks, 10 hours Studio Time)
$500.00 - EP (5-7 Songs)
(Unlimited Tracks, 35 hours Studio Time)
(7 + Songs - $80.00 for each additional Song)
Rate: $15hr
 Use the file upload service Wetransfer.com (or any similar service) to upload your individual tracks and send to -zach@akashicrekords916.com

If you have an idea of the sound your going for, please include a detailed description and/or reference track(s).

Please upload WAV or AIFF files up to 24bit/192khz

Each track must be of the same duration and start at the same time.

Each track should have no effects on them other than what was initially recorded. If any tracks have effects applied for production purposes, please note on each individual track.


$20.00 - Per Song
***All services FREE for INDIE ARTIST ONLY***

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